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We’re a trusted, affordable provider of garage doors, along with parts, service, repairs, and maintenance


Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida hurricane rated door installation

Garage Doors 911 offers the complete diversity of garage door replacement solutions. Our garage door products and services use the most advanced technology and apply the most professional expertise at absolutely the most competitive prices in the industry.


Electric eye sensors are part of your garage door opener's system of safety. We can change and install new sensors. 

Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida sensor
Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida opener repair and replacement

We are the fastest and most reliable garage door opener installation in Miami-Dade, area. We have an expert emergency team of technicians that will response to your garage door opener installation dilemma. 

Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida spring replacement repair service

We offer wide range of top quality spring and repair services for all types of garage door.

Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida tracks install repair

Good tracks help garage doors run smoothly and stay on track! They help prevent the unwanted scenario of a garage door that is stuck in the half open position or one that is completely off track. We can change your tracks and make them sturdy and secure.

Garage Doors 911 Miami Dade Florida drums

The drums and torsion springs specifically work as a team to keep that door balanced as it raises and lowers. We can replace and install all kinds of drums.

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