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Garage Door Remotes, Sensors, Drums, Cables, Etc!



Garage Door 911 carries most brands of garage door remotes for your automatic garage door. So if you lose your remote or you just need an extra, we have exactly what you are looking for.

You can either order a remote from us and program it yourself, or we will be happy to come to your business or residence and program your new remote for you. 


Electric eye sensors are part of your garage door opener's system of safety. If there is something blocking the lasers they will halt and reverse direction.  If you suspect your sensors are not working properly we can help and change and install new sensors


Cable drums are metal wheels that have grooves and are attached to the torsion pole on the far left and right side of the top of garage door. If you think there is a problem with your garage door drums, please give us a call 305-607-7246


 The cables provide strong support for the use of your garage. ables when broken can lead to the failure of whole system. They can cause defects in other parts and can even result in off track garage door. We can help you fix your garage door cables safely, and efficiently. 

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